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  • Flagtick

    Explore the creative side of technology with Flagtick - your one-stop destination for programming, Sass, and more. Learn new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Visit us today!

  • Flagtick Group

    This project aims to modernize and distribute all services offered by Flagtick Group, catering to multiple tenants including Flagtick itself. Additionally, it envisions creating a landing page for Flagtick Group that will serve as the company's public face....

    • AEM Project

      Explore Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for website development. Learn key concepts like Java Content Repository and Package Manager, and build a comprehensive AEM architecture based on real-world projects.

  • FoodChay

    The project aim at collect vegan food store and public community to help people search and upvote or downvote stores with services.

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